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Importance of a cause and a well planned thought behind a blog

Bloggers are creative , they like to create things that their readers will like . The primary idea behind blogging was to avail the opportunity to express our thought , ideas , skills and knowledge using the possibilities of technology and the internet. This soon became an activity oriented around earning money. Maximum of the bloggers on the internet are always seeking to earn money from a blog , few try to use a blog as a medium of promoting commercial activity and very few blog just out of passion. There is nothing wrong in a blogger considering earning money from a blog but it is always sad when a blogger creates content oriented around getting more visitors from the search engines.

Setting up a blog and taking it to success requires that to have large number of regular visitors. The visitors can come from a search engine query or from feeds, social media posts etc. For both the sources it is important to create a reputation of being something. Search engines are smart these days and do not rank a webpage higher only because it has some keywords but evaluate that webpage and its domain on many aspects. Quality of content , search engine reputation and loyal readership can only be achieved by writing around a thought and making it clear for visitors to understand the orientation of the blog. When visitors understand the principle idea around the  blog and find the content useful for them, it is more likely that they will become regular visitors of that blog.


To understand the importance of a well planned thought behind a blog we will first try to understand the two primary types of promotional strategies that bloggers use.

Importance of a cause and a well planned thought behind a blog

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Two types of promotional strategies

Building readership

Building readership is a strategy that bloggers use after setting up a blog and writing some posts. In this strategy bloggers generally make other bloggers and readers aware of their blog and the idea behind it. In this way blogger associate few readers with them. These readers do regularly check out for blog post updates and also offer comments to the blog posts.


Building keywords

Some bloggers apply the strategy of building content with highly searched queries. This way the bloggers try to make search engines aware that their blog is hosting large information about some topics. This way can only produce if the blog really hosts useful content but it it does not have any quality content and is only stuffed with keywords, this way will not produce.


The right approach toward professional blogging

The right approach toward professional blogging can be to set up a blog that has a good looking layout and start posting quality articles on it. While quality articles are posted on a blog , the blogger can also interact with other bloggers and make them visit their own blogs. Social media can also be effectively used to promote blog posts and blogs. This will give a blog the primary exposure required. As the readers of blog posts will be bloggers and regular internet users, they are more likely to backlink, comment and share these blog post. This will help a blog to create existence on the web and also let search engines crawl the blog more frequently. As a blog will go on to build readership , simultaneously the search engines will also list the pages from the blog high in search results and thus sending more visitors to the blog.


How to plan a cause or the thought behind a blog ?

As mentioned in this post earlier , it is really important for a blog to have some application behind it. While planning out the idea or the thought behind a blog, some points mentioned below  must be taken in consideration;

1. Make sure that the thought you apply behind a blog involves creation of topics that are widely searched and read on the web.

2. If you opt to write about a topic that is not very popular on the web, see to it that there is very less competition for the same.

3. Select few popular subscription methods that you will offer your readers.

4. Select 2 to 3 social media websites and blogger communities that you will use to find readers for your blog and make them aware about your blog.

5. Have a clear strategy as to what kind of blogs that you will read and comment on.

6. Have a set strategy about the topics to create blog posts about.

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