Few steps toward success

successful business woman on a laptopDefinition of success might differ for individuals but the desire of being successful will always be similar in different individuals. The factors which generally define the extent of success achieved by a person revolve around each other and directly or indirectly associated with each other.

Some very basic factors generally considered are as mentioned below.

  • Income and wealth status: Philosophy may not accept this but nowadays income is one of the most important factors deciding success. Though income generated may be from legal, illegal sources or may be categorized in  socially good or bad sources but is seen by others as a results of a professional success . Income leads to more wealth and ability to buy various resources including manpower. More control over financial and human resources makes a person influential and effective. Giving a feeling of a success for self and others.
  • Social Status: Success is also defined by the social status of a person.There have been many ancient customs like caste and others found in various parts of the world but we will only consider the modern definition of status which results from the social influence discussed in the earlier point and other causes like the social identity or the social contribution. Social status of individuals may differ from its basic idea. For example, The social status or the social position of a businessman, the same for a social worker or a politician and for a sportsperson or an artist will be high but for different reasons. The social status desired by individuals will be different but any kind of it will be observed as success.

Whatever is your desire for success or your own definition of it, here are very common ways which will help you to be successful.

  • Desire to be successful : The desire to be successful is the one and only root of success. Unless one has this, there will be naturally no scope of a person being successful . One should believe that it is only the desire that has ignited the idea of doing something in many great humans we recognize. Every human will have the same scope of being successful but only the condition will differ. In many cases the key to success is considered to be in money but we should keep in mind that money is only a resource though it is very important but not the only one to decide the extent of success. No one can say or should say that “ I am not getting desired success because I don’t have money” and if anyone believes this then I can simply correct it by that “ I am not successful because I don’t have a plan to achieve the success I desire”.
  • Understanding Your Resources : As talked in last topic, once we have the desire of being successful, it will be believing about it and to have a correct belief , we need to have correct understanding of our resources. Incorrect analysis of resources or belief about ourselves may lead into failure and will spoil the self confidence. So be clear about your resources like  People you know, The kind of people you know, the monetary resources available with you etc.
  • Idea of the desired success : Many achievements of others have the strength of influencing us and  we should be very clear about the kind of success we desire for. Like a person may wish to be a film star after watching a file or a sportsperson after watching  a good sporting performance but this will not work because to achieve something we should know that what actually it is.
  • Abilities to be successful : Yes, this is very true that a successful person has special abilities and so you should have some abilities. You abilities are your assets and only running behind success without any abilities will prove to be sheer wastage of time and efforts. You should sensibly develop abilities required for any specific success and nurture them. This can be done irrespective of the monetary resources. I am saying this because I have seen many people saying that “ I could have educated myself if I had enough money”. You should know that money might be required to be spent on educating ourselves to have certain degrees but it is not required for learning, you need to possess abilities to be successful not the degrees. Degrees or qualifications may represent your education level and not your abilities. So differentiate educating for certification to educating for developing abilities.
  • Courage to work for the desired success: You should also have courage to consider the steps required to be taken for achieving the desired success. Few factors like fear of being unsuccessful or losing the stability of life may make you avoid such steps resulting in adverse result. Basically the possibility of failure can be more exposed due to lack of planning and not working on that plan. When you are confident enough to proceed with any plan for success, you should also make up your mind for taking quick steps. I have seen some people making it close to the success they are hungry for but not making to it only because of not being confident enough.

As always said, there is no common formula for success and it depends on situational planning and decision making. Still the factors discussed in this article are really important and will help you in achieving the success you desire.


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