Why This Kolaveri Di Could Make This Impact ..?

Why_This_Kolaveri_Di“Why This Kolaveri Di” has been making news on and off the internet for around half a month. Till today 6th Dec 2011, this music video has been viewed for more than 17 millions times on YouTube. This video of recording of the song “Why This Kolaveri Di!”from the upcoming Tamil film “Three” , written and sung by Tamil film star Dhanush who is son in law of Tamil superstar Rajnikanth and composed by Anirudh Ravichander has also had more than a million share on Facebook. Though the song is recorded for a Tamil film but the lyrics have few Tamil words and based on English words. The video was said to be leaked unofficially over the internet and after it made good success it was officially released on YouTube on 16th Nov 2011 by Sony Music. This music video feature Shruti Hassan co star of Danush in the film, Director Aishwarya Rajinikanth who is wife of Dhanush, Anirudh Ravichander  along with Dhanush. This music video is popular in non Tamilians also because of its Tanglish lyrics. This Music video is the most searched video on YouTube in India. According to media report this song has become a craze throughout the nations from homes to colleges and is also recorded  or dubbed in various other style by other singers. Some non singers are also not staying away from trying the song. This song nowadays is on the move with everyone who has heard it.

Here are few reasons I think, which made this music video for an upcoming Tamil film make this impact on the nation as a whole.

The song is based on a unaccepted lover expressing his pains and feelings but has a very casual touch. I do not understand Tamil till now but I know the “Kolaveri Di” means Murderous Rage of a girl but still the song has got a gentle touch and is expressed in soft words. Due to this casual and soft touch it is more entertaining than being painful due to the basic  idea of the song.

Looks of Dhanush are young and lively making the song popular in youngsters, making them spread the song rapidly over the internet with the help of social networking sites.

The lyrics are basically combination of English and and Tamil, unofficially recognized as Tanglish. Use of English words is more though. The lyrics have very few Tamil words and the English words used are very basic, so that everyone easily understand them. This makes the song acceptable nationally and even globally. English is popularly spoken in southern India but the natural accent is different than other parts of India. The Tamilian English accent is a style which is imitated by many artistes in non Tamil films. This makes this accent popular and entertaining.

The video of this song is very natural. The video is pictured while the song was recorded and is typical environment of a recording studio. Making it acceptable without any delay. The approach of very few people appearing in the video is also very natural, specially the key man in it.

The rhythm of the song is trendy making it stay in the mind very easily.

Overall I can say that this music is very gentle yet entertaining and should be watched at least once.

Here is the link to the official Video On YouTube by Sony Music

Link To The Original Article On www.kumarsuhas.com


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